Hertfordshire doesn't have a large military presence but we do have some specialist units. 

Northwood Headquarters

A military headquarters in Northwest London. The Base has been used by the British Armed Forces since 1939. It was home to the RAF Coastal Command during WWII but is now home to 5 Command and Control functions of the British Armed Forces, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the European Union.

1. Joint Forces Command Headquarters develops and prepares a Joint Force for current and future operations.

2. Permanent Joint Headquarters plan and execute joint and UK-led operations such as Op HERRICK in Afghanistan and support for operations in Mali.

3. NATO Maritime Command is based at Northwood Headquarters and plans and executes NATO's Maritime Operations.

4. Maritime Operations Centre is lead by the Royal Navy's Commander Maritime Operations, who is responsible for planning and executing all British Maritime Operations.

5. European Union Operational Headquarters plan and execute European Union led military Crisis Management Operations, most notably in East Africa to combat piracy.

HMS WILDFIRE is a reservist unit of the Royal Navy Reserves and is based at Northwood Headquarters. It's been operating for over 50 years with reservists from Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.


D Squadron

1 of 4 sub-units that make up 254 Medical Regiment, a Territorial Army unit based in East Anglia. The Squadron recruits and trains doctors, nurses, medics, environmental health offices, vehicle mechanics, drivers, chefs and military clerks. All of them are volunteers who give up their spare time to train in case they're needed to support the Regular Army. Several members have served in both Iraq and Afghanistan.


3 Platoon of E Company

3rd Battalion the Royal Anglian Regiment based at Hertford.


201 (Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire Yeomanry) Battery

Formed of troops from the Hertfordshire Yeomanry established in 1794 (followed 3 years later by the Bedfordshire Yeomanry). Both have served in the Boer War and the 2 World Wars.