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Depending on the district you're in, the rules are slightly different, so please search to find your nearest housing contact.


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Paying for housing costs

If you are in receipt of:

  • any war disablement pension
  • any guaranteed income payment under the AFCS (Armed Forces Compensation Scheme)
  • and any war widows/widowers/civil partner payments

This income will be disregarded in full when assessing entitlement to housing and council tax benefit. Contact your local council for more information.

Local Connection

A local authority in England can't disqualify a member of the Armed Forces, Reserve Forces, Regular Forces from the housing register if they don't have a local connection.

Local Connection (The Allocation of Housing (Qualification Criteria for Armed Forces) (England) Regulations 2012)

Additional Preference

A local authority nominations scheme must give preference to someone with urgent housing needs who has or is serving in the Armed Forces, Reserve Forces or Regular Forces. 

Additional Preference (The Housing Act 1996 (Additional Preference for Armed Forces) (England) Regulations 2012)